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Children and Families  

Spontaneous, Innocent style, tell a story, full range of moods, magical images, wonder of existence miracle of life, the harmony of family life, also comic incongruity of relationships, spiritual depth of parents, uniqueness of character, dynamic group shots.

Overall aim: to create a beautiful and moving memory of the am¬ily at every stage of its evolution.

Quality photos, in the convenience of your own home, or in my studio, with no obligation to buy any photos.

20-45 photos will normally be taken. Sessions take 20-45 minutes. Please have your children dressed before I arrive. Photos will be presented 3-7 days after the session.


Packages have the advantage that you decide in advance the rough amount of photos you will require (although it can end up being rather more), plus you get more for your money than with the normal prices.

Economy Package - 6 12" x 8" plus 4 71/2" x 5" photos for £130.00.

Moderate Package - 9 12" x 8" plus 4 71/2" x 5" photos for £180.00.

Standard Package - 15 12" x 8" plus 7 71/2" x 5" photos for £255.00.

Grand Slam Package - 32 12" x 8" photos in an album, 10 71/2" x 5" photos plus on 14" x 11" frame enlargement. (£400.00)


There is a sitting fee of £35, including 2 complimentary (71/2" x 5") photos. The photos will be presented in 2 sizes 12" x 8" and 71/2" x 5" (normally a good selection). A full price list is available.

If you choose 71/2" x 5 as your 1st choice size, the prices start at £12.50 each. However, if you are choosing 15 or more of 12" x 8", 71/2" x 5" prices start at £8.50 each, becoming as little as £6 each if the whole set is purchased.

Sample prices for 1st choice of 12" x 8" photos are: l for £35; 4 for £100; 10 for £200; 20 for £300; 30 for £375;
40 for £450

Often people decide to buy a whole album of 12" x 8" photos, which normally costs between £300 and £435, depending on number of photos, various poses, costume changes, whether you are a returning customer, a referral from a recent customer etc.

Some selected reprints/enlargement prices (not including cost of frame): £125.
6" x 4" - £7.50; 8" x 6" - £13.50; 12" x 8" - £20.00; 16" x 11" - £75.00; 24" x 16" £125.00; 30" x 20" - £175.00;
40" x 30" - £250.

Payments: Large fees may be paid in 2, occasionally 3, instalments.

Fashion with Makeover  

Sitting fee - £50.00

Romantic and memorable images at affordable price. "express yourself", "have fun", glamorous lighting and great variety of clothes. (I will reveal "star quality" in your character, soft-focus effects. Expert make-up artist to prepare you.

Trained originally as musician..."natural" in this area..

Photos may be purchased complete with deluxe album. Alternatively, they may be mounted in luxury folders. The size of the photos will be 10"x8" or 12"x 8", unless otherwise requested.

4 for £190-00

10 for £425-00

15 for £525-00

20 for £625-00

30 for £750-00 (£25 each)

40 for £850-00 (£20 each)

With additional Album of 71/2” x 5” photos - £925)

This is a fairly recent, very exciting form of portrait photography. One of the basic concepts behind it is that you, the lady in the street, can be made to look like a Hollywood star or top model, because in actual fact well-known models are just like ordinary people in all essential respects. The difference between them and you is that, lurking behind the scenes, there is a dedicated team of hair stylists and make-up artists ready to transform them into glamorous models. They are also skilfully directed into attractive positions and photographed under beautiful fashion lighting.

Well... here is the good news. That is what we propose to do for you. A highly skilled make-up artist will pamper you for up to an hour before I, the sensitive photographer, address your every need and stylistic preference.


Musicians and Actors

20-60 photos, Black and White or Colour, will normally be taken. Sessions will take place in a North London Studio, or in the convenience of your own home.


There is a Sitting Fee of £75.00, inclusive of 2 x 12" x 8" (or 9" x 6") photos. Further photos are £20.00 each, becoming £12 - £15 each if you choose more than 10 further photos. If multiple copies of a particular photo are required, then the following guideline applies:

12" x 8"                                                       9" x 6"
5 for £100.00                                             5 for £50.00
10 for £185.00                                          10 for £100.00
25 for £275.00 (£11.00 each)                 25 for £225.00 (£9.00 each)
50 for £375.00 (£7.50 each)                   50 for £300.00 (£6.00 each)


A charge of £30 for attending the service. This can be used as partial deposit for the photos which are identical to my Portrait  Photography  prices.

First Communions

As above. £30 attendance fee. Prices as for Portrait  Photography prices.


As above. £30 attendance fees. Prices as for Portrait Photography prices.



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